What our customers have to say

Mr. Jose Kalu (Brand Owner)

We would have never thought of entering the Indian market with the kind of massive launch that we did with Myntra that we have with the amazing backend strategy planning of Zashed. We have created a niche for our brand in the Indian market and I think it’s the best time to be a part of this market. Having Niza in 90 stores across different countries and having originated from the land of fashion Spain, we are extremely happy and proud to be a part of Zashed family in India. The way we are creating the whole collection for the Indian market with the Spanish touch in terms of sophisticated embellishments and contrivance prints, It is clear that the Future for our brand is going to be fabulous !!

Md. Saalim (Brand Owner)

Being a dominant in the shoe manufacturing industry since the past two decades, making for renowned brands across the world I never realised the value of a brand till I associated with Zashed. Their expertise and business model from creating my brand to penetrating it and diversifying it has gotten my brand at par with the brands we were manufacturing for. Wishing them all the luck and success in their journey to make Indian brands prominent across the world.

Mr. Yash Gugnani (Brand Owner)

Zashed has made their priority to Innovate and renovate the fashion industry. From the manufacturing for the big brands for the last 4 decades in exports to now owning our own brand with a vision to make it grow more efficiently every year is what makes us super proud and happy. Cheers !!

Lavanya Aneja (Brand Owner)

From the family of renowned Garment Exporters , I was potentially downloaded with the power of fashion and brands over the years. Now owning one, has created an unparalleled diversification to create our own trend as there is a lot of gap to fill in the fashion industry still, and Zashed is continuing to be a commendable strategic & a design partner with its business model in the whole journey.